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Portfolio v Posts v Pages in WordPress

August 13, 2015

Remember what I said the other day about not having the time or energy to be working on my blog? Yeah, I lied. Having scanned in over 30-years of papers, projects and school notes and […]

WordPress.ORG or WordPress.COM

August 12, 2015

Last week I bit the bullet and signed up for an account with DreamHost so that I can move my blog(s) from the free WordPress.com hosting to a self-hosting site. It’s been a bumpy road. […]

Photos Everywhere & A Tad Expensive

May 28, 2015

When Apple recently released the new Photo.app on OS X, as a long time believer in iPhoto, I was hopeful that they’d addressed shortcomings I’d wrestled with. I think they’ve mostly hit the mark with […]

Is the Watch the Next Big (Tech) Thing

April 9, 2015

Lots of buzz about the Watch, as we quickly approach Apple’s official entrance into the wearable tech market. I know they’ll sell tons of the devices right away and depending on whether you’re a fan […]

The State of NASA & Getting That Old Exploration Mojo Back

February 5, 2015

Highlighting NASA’s accomplishments over the past year and vision for the coming years, NASA Administrator, Charlie Bolden gave a “State of NASA” presentation to gathered KSC employees, industry partners, press, and social media in Kennedy’s […]

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