An end-of-the-day conversation partially inspired by video-journals found in many sci-fi shows. I have the technology, why the hell not leave a record of my journey at the end of the day… Enjoy Subscribe in a reader

JBB’s Final Thoughts S01E21: Thanks Obama

March 6, 2015

Season 1 Episode 21: Thanks Obama: Adding insult to injury, after getting laid off, I get to explore the wondrous worlds of ACA. Everyone wants to blame the other guy. It’s an ugly mess, but worse […]

JBB’s Final Thoughts S01E17: Just Checkin’ In

October 23, 2014

Season 1 Episode 17: Just Checkin’ In: Borrowing from my online Master’s Days, this podcast is just a chance to talk about what’s ongoing and going on. I’m checking in. Click here to download an […]

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