Remembering Why I Quit Windows Eight Years Ago

MS Windows Upgrade
[/media-credit] MS Windows Upgrade

DailyRandomShit for 2016-07-30 Remembering Why I Quit Windows Eight Years Ago

I tried to upgrade my copy of Windows ahead of the end of the free offer and failed horribly. I had a copy of Windows running using VMware Fusion on my 2012 MacBook Pro. I had an OEM copy of Windows 7 previously installed, but it failed to run and wouldn’t install, leaving me with only XP running on the MacBook. It took forever to figure out that I had to install 7 to get to 10 and I flat out ran out of time. In the end I decided that my time was worth more, having already spent two evenings on the upgrade, than killing myself for a fucking free copy of an OS I haven’t used over the past 8 years (and haven’t missed!). Also, the hassle of the failed upgrades reminded me of how much more easy things are on the Apple side… basically how much is your time worth when you can lose so much time to get “simple things” done. FAIL.

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